by Jerry Vines

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Step Into The Water (5 of 48)
Jerry Vines
Hebrews 2:1-4

To begin this Bible study tonight I want to tell you
an imaginary story. William was given a magnificent
piece of land by his father and his elder brother. On
that land were thousands and thousands of acres. It
had all kinds of trees—every imaginable tree. It had
vines of all descriptions. Luscious crops were
available there. If he would drill in the ground he
could find oil and there could be oil wells all over
his property. If he would dig in the mountains he
would find gold there. It was all his. They gave it to

In addition to that they gave him tools with which to
work. Every tool necessary for him to do the job that
needed to be done on that beautiful land had been
provided for him. In addition to that he had also been
given a book by his father and elder brother. In this
book were all of the directions which would tell him
just exactly how to go about developing that land and
getting everything out of that land that could
possibly be gotten out of that land.

Young William got started. He was doing quite well. He
was picking and plucking the fruit from the trees and
from the vines. He was digging in the soil and finding
oil. He was digging in the mountains and finding
unbelievable sources of gold. He was doing quite well
reading the book and using the tools.

Then young William became a little careless. He began
to neglect his magnificent farm. He got interested and
preoccupied with other things and weeds began to grow
up. Crops began to fail. He didn't lose his farm, but
he lost the benefits and the blessings that were
available to it.

That's an imaginary story, but I'm telling it to you
to bring before you a very real situation. In fact,
that story is telling you, in essence, what these
verses are about which we are going to study this
evening. The whole essence of these verses of
Scripture is—tha ...

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