by Jerry Vines

A Baptist and His Bible
Jerry Vines
II Timothy 3:14-4:13
Pastors’ Conference, 2002

In beautiful human language, resplendent with divine revelation, the Apostle Paul sets forth the Bible’s teaching concerning itself. It may help us to get a little background right here.

Paul, the older preacher, is coming to the end of his road and what a road it has been. It started on the Damascus Road and it has gone all the way to the dungeon of Rome. Timothy is the younger preacher, just beginning his road. The older preacher wants the younger preacher to understand the importance of the book which he holds in his hand. So, in these closing words of the old preacher Paul to the young preacher Timothy, he wants to talk with him for a little while about the importance of the Bible and the necessity that he preach that Word in the ministry which God has given to him.

It is interesting to me that in verse 15 Paul refers to the Bible as “the holy Scriptures.” He says to young Timothy, “From a child you have known the holy scriptures.” He is saying, “This is not a new book to you. You have known it all of your life.”

I think that many of us in this service tonight can identify with that. The earliest memories of my life about the Bible came to me in Vacation Bible School. I can remember those days, as just a little child, I would go to VBS. Sometimes it would be my opportunity to stand before the other students with a copy of the Bible in my hand. After the pledge to the American flag and the pledge to the Christian flag, I would take a step forward and with trembling hands I would hold in my hand a copy of the Bible. We would pledge allegiance to the Bible and then we would sing songs like this: “The B I B L E, yes that’s the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B I B L E.” Sometimes we would sing, “Holy Bible, book divine, precious treasure, thou art mine.”

“From a child thou hast known the holy scriptures.”

The Holy Scriptures. It is an unu ...

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