by Jerry Vines

Ordination Service
Jerry Vines
Acts 6:1-7

This is a special service tonight. This is a service when we ordain men as deacons in our fellowship. I want to ask all of the men who are being ordained as deacons if they would stand. Let's give them a hand. We are thankful to God for these men. God bless you.

Then we have three of our young men who are being ordained to the gospel ministry. One is going into evangelism, one into youth work, and one is a pastor.

I'm primarily addressing my remarks to the deacons tonight, but there are applications that will be made to those who are called of God to preach the gospel.

When I first started preaching I made a number of statements that I wish I could take back. I told the young men who are being ordained to the ministry, in our examination this afternoon, that I was a whole lot smarter back then than I am now. I thought I had most of the answers. But as you go along, the older you get, the more you realize how little you do know. I can remember some statements I've made along the way that were not exactly correct. I don't think I was doctrinally off, necessarily, but they weren't just exactly correct.

One of the statements I used to make was this: The church is not an organization, the church is an organism. I said that pretty emphatically. It is true that the church is an organism. A church is the living body of the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. Our First Baptist Church fellowship here in Jacksonville, FL, is a visible manifestation of the body of Christ on this earth. So we are an organism-a living growing body of believers. The body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The truth of the matter is-what is should have said is this: the church is not primarily an organization; it is an organism. The fact of the matter is-a church is to be an organism, but a church is also to be an organization. My body is an organism. I have a flesh and blood body. I am living. I am growing. I am breathing. But I will guarantee y ...

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