by Jerry Vines

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Our Secret Weapon (35 of 36)
Series: Ephesians
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 6:18-20

These verses tell us about our secret weapon in this battle we are experiencing against the dark side, which is the substance of these verses-10-20.

These verses are verses about spiritual warfare. They tell us the fact that we are in a war. You don't have to read it in the Bible to discover you are in a war. If you try to live a Christian life on a daily basis, very soon you will understand that you are in a war against the dark side.

These verses of Scripture have laid before us several areas of truth and understanding. In the opening verses of the section he is talking about our adversary. He tells us that we don wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.

Then in verse 13ff he talks about our weaponry and lays before us the marvelous armor which God has provided, forged by God Himself, so that you and I might have the victory over the devil on a daily basis. Our adversary, our weaponry. Now he shares with our victory-how you and I can get victory in the battle against the dark side. He lays before us what I call the Christian secret weapon. It is a weapon which is largely misunderstood by this world. Most people do not understand it. They do not know its power. Unfortunately, it is a weapon that is unused as much as it ought to be used by God's people. It is the mighty weapon of prayer. It is the believer's secret weapon in the warfare against the dark side.

Here's the picture that Paul has laid before us. He has shown us a soldier who is not putting on all of the armor to do battle with the devil. He has put on each piece of the armor of God. Now, the armor goes forth to battle. The enemy attacks and then the soldier does something very unusual. He drops to his knees and begins to pray.

What kind of soldier is it who prays? What kind of soldier is it who goes forward on his knees?

I read some time ago about an African antelope k ...

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