by Jerry Vines

Dream Church
Jerry Vines
Acts 2:37-47

This entire service today has been prayed over
and arranged and prepared with our graduating seniors
in mind. I was looking over you this morning and
reflecting on my own high school graduation and the
fact that I probably have seen less than five of my
graduating class since that day. So in some ways it's
kind of a sad time. A little anxiety there, but it is
a very significant time. Just one more opportunity we
would like to put some truth in your heart that will
go with you all the rest of the days of your life.
For many of our graduating seniors, First Baptist
Church of Jacksonville is the only church they have
ever known. They started when they were in the
nursery and they have gone right up through all of the
divisions of our Sunday School, and now graduating
from high school, they will move on to other things.
Many of you will be going away to college. Others
will be going to pursue careers. Hopefully, those of
you who are going away will come back one of these
days. I've said to you that I'm a little bit selfish.
I really do like to see people coming this way. I
don't enjoy it near as much when they go that way. So
go back and get your law degree. Get you doctor's
degree. Get your technical training, but I'm praying
God will bring you right back here and you'll be a
part of the fellowship of First Baptist Church of
I want to talk to you about Dream Church. Some
of you are here today and you are looking for a
church. You have visited a variety of churches and are
trying to find some place where you believe the Lord
would have you to belong; where your family can grow
and mature in the Lord. You are looking for a dream
kind of church.
When I was a high school boy the Lord called me
to preach. I had my first church at the age of 18. I
did a lot of dreaming when I was a young preacher.
Many times I woul ...

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