by Jerry Vines

Nothing Can Stop You
Jerry Vines
Acts 28

We have been in a journey through the book of Acts and I want to read for you the last two verses of the chapter and then we will go back to the beginning of the chapter. I will talk to you on the subject, “Nothing Can Stop You.”

The last chapter of the book of Acts has been called the last page of the first chapter of the history of the Christian church. It has also been pointed out that the book of Acts concludes with a rather interesting word. The word is not apparent in our King James Version, which I am reading from, but if you will put in brackets the last four words of the book, you will see the words “no man forbidding him.” This is actually the translation of one word in the original language. It is a rather unusual word. It is an adverb. You could translate it “unhinderedly.” Or “unhindered.”

It has often been noticed that this is a rather unusual way to conclude a book. This is not how you would normally conclude a book and that has puzzled Bible teachers through the years. There are some who believe that Dr. Luke intended to write a third volume. He wrote the Gospel of Luke, the book of Acts (history of the early church), and some say he intended to write a third volume.

I think there are some other reasons that come into play for why the Holy Spirit has chosen to use this particular word “unhindered” to conclude the book of Acts.

I think, first of all, it is a word of completion. It says to us that Dr. Luke has accomplished his purpose in writing the book. In the 1st chapter and the 8th verse he is told specifically what he is to write. We are told what the book is all about. It says, “You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me, both in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth. He has traced the movement of the Christian faith from its beginning in the city of Jerusalem all the way to the place where it is ...

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