by Jerry Vines

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The Perfect Storm (33 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 27

This chapter is the account of Paul's voyage to the
city of Rome. God had assured him that he would be
going to Rome to preach the good news of Jesus. The
message that Jesus died on the cross for our sins,
that He was buried, and three days later He rose again
to give us victory over our sins. I'm calling this
message this morning, "The Perfect Storm." These are
the words of Paul to the crew of the ship.

In 1997 a 72foot fishing boat named the Andrea Gail
embarked on a fishing expedition in the Atlantic
Ocean. In the course of that expedition, they
encountered a hurricane storm. So much so that the
author, Sebastian Junger, wrote a book about it which
he called, "The Perfect Storm." I understand it later
was made into a movie. They indeed encountered a
hurricane of a storm—a killer of a storm. There were
waves ten stories high with six tons of pressure per
square foot of water. They encountered winds 120 miles
a hour. So, it was called the perfect storm.

The Apostle Paul, in Acts 27, goes through a storm. He
is on his way to Rome, but in the course of that
journey he encounters what I'm going to call a perfect
storm. This particular chapter is a gem of literary
skill. It is written in a brilliant, inspired by the
Holy Spirit manner. It is a classic of ancient

I have not been able to verify this but I used to read
that the midshipmen of the Naval Academy were required
to read Acts 27 because of the knowledge it gives
about ancient seamanship. I do know this particular
chapter was very crucial in the conversion of a young
man. Many years ago there were a number of young
agnostics who decided that they would destroy faith in
the Bible. So they took different areas of studies to
prove the Bible to be factually in error and
historically inaccurate. There was a young man named
William Ramsey. His assignmen ...

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