by Jerry Vines

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I've Been Changed (30 of 33)
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Jerry Vines
Acts 22:1-10


We are returning to our study in the book of Acts. We have been away for some other special series and so we are coming back to the book of Acts 22nd chapter. From the 21st chapter of Acts on to the conclusion we have the series of circumstances which brought the Apostle Paul from the city of Jerusalem to the city of Rome.

You remember Paul had a great desire to go to the city of Rome. The Lord made it possible for him to do so. What happens is-Paul has come to the city of Jerusalem and when he gets there the believers there point out to him that some are accusing him of violating the Old Testament law and teaching contrary to the Old Testament Scriptures. So they have asked him to be part of a special ceremony along with some other men. To pick up the expenses for it, too, by the way. He was willing to do that, also. When they saw Paul in the temple, some of the enemies of the Gospel saw him and really made a false accusation that he had brought Gentiles into the temple which was a taboo. You were not supposed to do this. So they grabbed hold of Paul and started beating him and were just planning to kill him. The Roman soldiers from Antonio's fortress, the Antonio castle in Jerusalem, had come and rescued Paul from those who were trying to kill him. He was going up the steps and as he was, he asked if he could speak to the people. Keep in mind this is a hostile mob. This is a religious crowd. No people can be anymore unkind of hostile or vicious than religious people. He is speaking to these religious people beginning in verse 1 of chapter 22.

I don't guess there is anything that gets our interest any more than for a person to share with us a personal testimony or a personal experience. Advertisers have long known the value of the personal testimony of a well-known person. We hear commercials. ''If you wear this hat like Tiger Woods, you can be a great golfer.'' You r ...

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