by Jerry Vines

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The Will of the Lord Be Done (29 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 21:1-14

I want to talk to you a little bit this morning about
God's will for your life. The Lord Jesus said on one
occasion, "Not my will, but thine be done." The
friends of the Apostle Paul say to him, "the will of
the Lord be done." I wonder if you can say from the
very depths of your being and really mean it in your
soul—"I want God's will to be done for my life."

This particular chapter and the account we're studying
this morning is what I consider to be one of the
classic examples in the Bible on the matter of the
will of God. The Apostle Paul is convinced in his
heart that the will of God for Him is to go to the
city of Jerusalem. As he makes his journey toward
Jerusalem his friends and those who love him the most
have come to understand by the Holy Spirit that Paul
is going to face persecution and suffering if he goes
to the city of Jerusalem. So, they are troubled by it.
They tell Paul not to go.

It's very similar to what happened to the Lord Jesus
and His disciples. Along the way, Jesus talked about
going up to Jerusalem and he said that He would go up
there and be crucified. When his disciples heard that,
of course, they loved him so much, this was troubling
to them and it didn't fit into their plans for the
Lord. So, they began to beg Jesus not to go up, but
you and I know that it was the will of God for Jesus
to go to Jerusalem, to go to Calvary, die on the cross
and be buried in the tomb and three days later come
back to be our risen, resurrected Lord.

But this is one of those passages of Scriptures where
we really understand the complexities of the will of
God. We say the will of the Lord be done, but you and
I know it is not such a simple matter for the will of
the Lord to be done. There are complexities involved.
Here is one of those examples about the complexity of
the will of God in that somet ...

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