by Jerry Vines

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The God You Can Know (24 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 17:15-25

This is the third of three messages I have tried to
bring from this chapter, dealing with three cities
where the Apostle Paul ministered on his second
missionary journey. He ministered in the city of
Thessalonica. He went from there to the city of Berea.
Now, he comes this morning to the city of Athens.

This is actually my first Christmas message for you. I
will bring another one next Sunday, God willing, and
then one on the Sunday right before Christmas also.

From the little out-of-the-way city of Berea, the
Apostle Paul makes a journey of about 200 miles to the
city of Athens. His companions leave him there and for
a period of time Paul is in Athens alone.

Perhaps you can remember when you were taken to
college by your parents and for the first time you
found yourself alone in a strange place, in a new
atmosphere. You begin to wonder—will the things I have
been taught hold up in this new atmosphere? In this
academic community, will the things I have been taught
to believe be able to withstand the pressure and the
onslaught of different ideas and thoughts?

The Apostle Paul was in the city of Athens alone. He
was alone in the academic capital of the ancient
world. It was the home of Socrates and Plato and
Aristotle. It was a university city.

I was brought up in a little college town and I know
something of the cynicism and the snobbery and the
liberalism that attaches itself to that kind of

He was also in the artistic center of the ancient
world. It was a city of literature and sculpture and
oratory. There he find himself alone in that totally
new atmosphere.

We can almost imagine that for a few days he walks
around the city, moves in and out of the market place
which would be our equivalent of the mall. As he
walked around the Bible says that he discovered that
the city was full of idol ...

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