by Jerry Vines

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WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR Bible (23 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 17:10-15

We are slowing down the pace just a little bit in
this 17th chapter because there are three cities where
the Apostle Paul ministered on his second missionary
journey which teach very crucial and important lessons
for us.

One of our members shared with me this week that when
I announced I was going through the book of Acts that
they were not overly excited because we've studied the
book of Acts a number of times. But as we have moved
through it and taken a little different approach, they
have become very excited about it. I'm the same way, I
must be honest with you. When the Lord laid it on my
heart to go into Acts after having not been it in my
own preaching for 15 or 16 years, I wondered about it
myself. But the Lord has shown me some new insights
and some new inroads along the way. I'm taking an
altogether different approach.

This morning I'm going to speak on the subject of What
to do With your Bible. Do you know what to do with
your Bible? These verses will tell us what to do.

I have a Bible that I have been using for over 30
years now. one of the reasons I have used this Bible
for so many years is because it has giant print. In my
older age, I'm getting to where I don't see as well, I
have contact lenses and then I have to put glasses on
top of those some times to see. So I have held on to
this 30+ year old Bible because of the size of the
print. This is the third cover I have on this Bible.
Lord willing, I plan to use this Bible until I go
right on into the gates of glory. You pray that it
will not tear up on me before that time comes. But my
Bible is very special. You probably have a Bible that
is very special to you. It may be the Bible you are
using this morning. It has memories attached to it. it
has markings in it and things you have noted in God's
word that God has spoken to you. Probably ...

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