by Jerry Vines

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ON THE ROAD AGAIN (13 of 33)
Jerry Vines
Acts 9:31-43

Simon Peter, the preacher of Pentecost and the pastor
of the Jerusalem church is on the road again. So the
camera of Scripture moves from Saul, who has recently
been converted and is now off to Tarsus, back to Simon
Peter. For a few chapters now we will look at Simon
Peter again. We discover in verse 32 that he has what
we might call an itinerant or a traveling ministry.
Some call it a wider ministry.

I've been a pastor since I was an 18-year-old boy.
The larger portion of my ministry and time and effort
and has been in my local church. But along the way,
God has been pleased and allowed me to travel many
places and preach in many places. I'm grateful for
the opportunities which God has given to me. I've
preached in many states of the union and I thank God
for it. When I read this story of Simon Peter and
this account of his traveling, it reminded me of the
ministry that God has given unto me.

Simon Peter, used of the Lord. Simon Peter, the big
fisherman. Simon Peter, this marvelous preacher, this
wonderful witness for the Lord. He's been on some
journeys already. Back in the 8th chapter we are told
about him going down to the city of Samaria. When
they heard that Samaritans were being saved, they sent
for Simon Peter and John and they went. They saw what
God was doing and they were glad. God was beginning
to expand the understanding of Simon Peter.

In Acts 1:8 the Lord said, "ye shall be witnesses unto
me both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and Samaria and
unto the uttermost parts of the earth." That's God's
plan. That's God's intention. God is getting now to
move Simon Peter out. God is getting ready to have
major breakthrough. The Gentiles are going to hear
about the Lord Jesus. That's me and you, if you're
not a Jew. It's because of the command of our Lord
Jesus Christ to go into all o ...

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