by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Acts 8:26-40

Along the way in my life I have some experiences which
I would qualify as divine encounters. Sometimes they
started off as desert experiences, but before it was
over it became indeed a divine encounter. I want to
share one of these experiences with you which is one
of the most vivid and one of the most amazing in my
mind of any of the divine encounters which I have ever

When Janet and I were living in Cedartown, Georgia, I
was pastor of Second Baptist Church there. I was
finishing up my seminary work in New Orleans,
Louisiana. I would go to school Tuesday through
Friday. On Friday evening I would board a train and
ride all night back to Cedartown, Georgia. Sometime
Saturday morning the engineer would slow the train
down just a little bit near my house. I would jump
off the train, come to the house, shower and shave,
and then I would make anywhere from 30-40 visits in
the homes of people. I would go to the hospitals and
see all who were in the hospital. Then on Sunday I
would preach a minimum of three times, sometimes four
times. Then on Monday morning I would get ready and
go back to New Orleans.

So, on this particular Monday morning I got on the
train. I had a lot of studying to do for my classes
and also studying to do for my messages the next
Sunday. I got the train and I was rattling down the
railroad track hardly imaging that just ahead there
was a divine encounter.

You know what a divine encounter is, don't you? It is
a witnessing experience which has been arranged in
heaven, produced on the earth and choreographed by the
Holy Spirit. Many times the Holy Spirit will take
what seems to be a desert encounter and will turn it
into a divine encounter.

Not long after I got on the train a young man got on
the train also. He came and sat in the seat right
behind me. I didn't pay a w ...

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