by Jerry Vines

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Surely...Forever! (6 of 6)
Psalm 23
Jerry Vines
Psalm 23:6

Psalm 23 is probably the most familiar chapter in all of the Word of God. Probably this chapter has been memorized and quoted by God’s people more than any other passage in all of the Scriptures. It has been on the lips of many a dying saint as they have slipped from this world into a better world. It has been the text for funeral services that have been conducted by preachers. It has been the sermon text for many preachers.

This really is a sermon in itself. This whole psalm is a sermon that is evidently delivered by a very unusual preacher. It is a sermon delivered by a sheep.

There are some unusual preachers in the Bible. One time a rooster preached a sermon. He preached that sermon to Simon Peter. The Lord said, “You’ll deny me.” Simon Peter said, “I won’t deny you.” The Lord said, “Before the rooster crows three times you will deny me.”

When the rooster crowed, that rooster preached a sermon to Simon Peter.

A donkey preached a sermon one time to a man named Baalam. The Lord opened the mouth of a donkey and that donkey preached a sermon to Baalam. To be honest with you, I would rather hear a donkey than some liberal preachers I’ve heard preach along the way. Unusual preachers!

Here is a sermon that is preached by a sheep. I’m referring, of course, to David who had been the great shepherd king of the children of God. Now, he has placed himself in the role of a sheep. The Bible says, “All we like sheep have gone astray.” The Bible says, “We are his people and the sheep of His pasture.” All of us are like sheep. A human being is the only created being that can basically change its nature. A plant is always a plant. It will never be anything but a plant. A dog is always a dog. It will never be anything but a dog. A cat is always a cat. It will never be anything but a cat. But a sinner, by means of the new birth, can be changed into a saint. You don’t have to be what you on ...

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