by Jerry Vines

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Walking Through The Valley (4 of 6)
Psalm 23
Jerry Vines
Psalms 23:4

I have encouraged you to memorize this psalm and make
it a part of your life and your mind and your heart. I
promise you if you don't need it now, you are going to
need it at some future time in your life. If you will
just take each one of these verses and put them on a 3
x 5 card and go over those verses until you get them.
Just take one at a time and then add a verse. If you
just do one a week, in six weeks you will have
memorized Psalm 23.

We are coming to the 4th message this morning.

I was on a cruise this week and I used some of the
things I have already shared with you in the opening
verses of psalm 23. After the final message a lady
came up to me and said, "I came to Christ as Greek
Orthodox at a Billy Graham Crusade a number of years
ago. Twenty-three years ago, this week, my husband
died. The words of the 23rd Psalm were a special
comfort and encouragement to me and they helped me
make it through those difficult days after my husband
died. I never really understood why there was such
comfort there, but now, twenty-three years later to
the week, I have heard you explain in Psalm 23 just
why these verses and these words are such a comfort to
the heart."

I think maybe Psalm 23 is the most familiar chapter in
all of the Bible. It probably is the best-loved
chapter. If that be true, I think it is also true that
the 4th verse of the 23rd chapter is the most familiar
verse in all of the Bible and may be the most beloved
verse in all the Bible. "Yea, though I walk through
the valley."

Preachers have used this verse to bring comfort to
families at the death of their loved ones. Many a
dying saint has quoted this verse of Scripture on
their deathbed as they slip the surly bonds of earth
to touch the face of God. Many of God's people, as
they have gone through trying and difficult
circumstances, through ...

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