by Jerry Vines

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MY SHEPHERD (2 of 6)
Psalm 23
Jerry Vines
Psalm 23:1

We are going to do a series of messages in Psalm 23
for several weeks as we close out this year and move
into next year.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." Would
you repeat that with me?

A number of years ago there was a well-known preacher
down in Miami, Florida, named C. Roy Angel. He was
making a visit in a Miami hospital and as he walked in
he saw one of the young doctors coming out who was
greatly loved in the city. He waited for a moment to
speak to him and as the young doctor got near, he
noticed the young doctor was mouthing some words to
himself. When the doctor got there he said, "Bascum,
you are a little too young to be talking to yourself."
The young doctor smiled and said, "Well, I have just
visited the room of an saint who is not going to make
it. She said to me—doctor, do you know the 23rd Psalm?
I told her that I indeed do know it. I committed it to
memory when I was a young man and have lived by it all
through these years." She said, "Will you repeat the
23rd Psalm with me?" He said as I repeated it I came
out thinking about it and I thought about this 23rd
Psalm and we have encased it a marble slab too long.
It is time to take it down, break it up and put it to
work in our daily lives.

When I read that I identified with it because it think
that is true. We have taken this greatly loved 23rd
Psalm and enshrined it. But I'm trying to just take it
down, break it up, and help you apply it to your life
for the coming year.

Psalm 23 has comforted many a heavy heart. It has
dried many a teary eye. It would be well to memorize
that Psalm and I would encourage you to do it in the
weeks we are going to be studying it together.

We know this Psalm was written by David, the shepherd
boy who became the great shepherd king of Israel. I am
convinced that he composed it when he was an old man.
You had ...

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