by Jerry Vines

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The Bethlehem Shepherd (1 of 6)
Psalm 23
Jerry Vines
Psalm 23:1

We are going to be in Psalm 23 for about six weeks. It
will carry us all the way to the Pastors' Conference
which begins on the first Sunday of February. I will
be giving a series of studies on the 23rd Psalm. We
begin with verse 1.

"The Lord is my Shepherd." Say that with me. Psalm 23
is probably the most familiar of all of the chapters
of the Bible. It surely is one of the most beloved, if
not THE most beloved chapters in all of the Word of
God. I would dare say that a large number of you have
committed the six verse of the 23rd Psalm to memory. If
you have not, let me encourage you as a project for
the new year to memorize as we study these verses
together everyone of these and make them apart of your
daily life. Six verses—so if every week as I preach on
one of these verses, if you will memorize those
verses, when we are through you will have memorized a
chapter in the Bible—one of the great chapters—the 23rd
Psalm. It has brought comfort to many hurting hearts
and it is the setting for the Christmas message I want
to bring to you.

We are confident this Psalm was written by David. Most
of you are familiar with David. There was a movie on
television last night about David. I wasn't
particularly interested in it. I have never gotten too
excited about Hollywood portraying the Bible. I would
just about as soon hear the Mafia lecture on honesty
as Hollywood portray the Bible.

But we are familiar with David. We know that David was
the great king of Israel. We know that when the Lord
Jesus Christ was born, we are specifically told that
He would be in the house and in the linage of David.
He would be an ancestor of David.

David—the great shepherd king of the children of
Israel. David—a shepherd boy around a little village
of Bethlehem. Really David's story was a story of a
small town boy made good. It was quite a ...

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