by Jerry Vines

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You Get To Choose (9 of 9)
Happy Living
Jerry Vines
Matthew 7:13-29

This is the final message in the series, Happy Living
According to Jesus.

I will preach what we call a sermon or deliver a
message this morning and at the conclusion of the
message I will give a final appeal. Then we will have
an invitation time. I do this every time I preach.
Every time we have a service here we give an
invitation for people to receive Jesus Christ as their
personal Lord and Savior. The question may arise—why
do I make an appeal and give an invitation and ask
people to come to a point of decision every time I

When you read the sermon of the Lord in these three
chapters—Matthew 5, 6, and 7 you immediately become
aware that you are listening to the greatest preacher
who ever preached and that He is delivering the
greatest sermon that has ever been delivered.

When you come to the verses which I have read and the
verses we study this morning, you will immediately
become aware that Jesus Christ does the same thing. He
issues a final appeal. He calls for a decision.

The Word of God, when it is preached, is a
presentation of truth of God. God's Word, God's truth
is not something which we just receive as information
and dismiss. God's truth always calls for a response.
It always calls for a decision. So Jesus closes out
with a decision.

I want you to look back at the beginning of the sermon
in chapter 5, verse 1. I want to point out to you in
verse 1, "And seeing the multitudes, He went up into a
mountain and when he was set, His disciples came unto
Him and He opened His mouth and taught them."

Primarily, what Jesus has been saying and teaching and
preaching in this message has been directed toward His
disciples. But you will notice He did it in the
setting of seeing the multitudes. So, there was a
smaller audience and there was a larger audience. Most
of the Bible is addressed to ...

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