by Jerry Vines

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The One With The Most Toys (6 of 9)
Happy Living
Jerry Vines
Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus tells us in this study about the importance of
getting things in the proper place.

I guess all of you recognize that the title of the
message I have put to these verses of Scripture is
taken from a bumper sticker that we used to see a few
years ago. It said, "And when we die, the one with the
most toys wins." That expresses the attitude that many
people have toward material things in life. It is the
attitude that the sum and substance of all living is
the accumulation of things.

We are living in a world that is filled with things. I
think that it is appropriate that the Holy Spirit has
prepared it so that this particular message will be
delivered after Thanksgiving Day and before the
Christmas season. It is at Thanksgiving that we give
gratitude to the Lord for the things He has given to
us and it is in the Christmas season that we begin to
turn our attention to the buying of things and the
giving of things.

We are literally surrounded by an ocean of things. All
kinds of things-big things and little things. Domestic
things-ironing boards and irons, coffee makers,
technological things. We have palm pilots in our
hands. We have cell phones in our ears. We have
clothing things-suits, shirts, ties, dresses, shoes.
We are swimming in an ocean of things. A lot of people
have the belief that really it's those things that
determine whether or not you are a happy person.

Back in 1900 a group did survey and asked the
question-how many things do you have to have in order
to be happy? In 1900, the people who responded to the
survey said you had to have 72 things to be happy. The
same group took the same survey 50 years later in 1950
and were asked the same question. In 1950 people said
you had to have 496 things to be happy. I have
wondered if, 51 years later if the same survey were
taken, how many things ...

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