by Jerry Vines

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Happy Living
Jerry Vines
Matthew 6:9-15

In the words of our Lord, in the Sermon on the Mount,
Jesus tells us what happy living is all about. He
covers a variety of subjects, but I think it is
inevitable that if you are going to have a happy life,
somewhere along the way, you are going to have to
understand how prayer fits into your daily life.

Jesus talks about the great subject of prayer here. We
are told that the majority of people in America do
pray on a daily basis. That's the result of the polls
and I think that probably every one of you, if I
should ask you personally do you pray, you would say
to me, "I pray. I am a praying person."

Life is filled with a variety of circumstances. All
kinds of circumstances and opportunities and
difficulties. Life is a combination of needs and
burdens and heartaches and sins and problems and
cares. But there is no need, no problem, no burden, no
temptation, no sin, or no heartache which cannot be
met in your life by prayer.

Prayer can do anything God can do and God can do
anything. I think you would agree with me that the
happiest life ever lived on the earth had to have been
lived by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. It was a very
brief life, but it had to be a very happy, fulfilling
life. In fact, the night before He was crucified on
the cross, the Lord Jesus talked about His joy. He
said the joy "I have, I'm going to give to you." He is
saying that the happy life which I have experienced, I
am going to talk to you and show you how you can have
that happy life also.

The life of the Lord Jesus Christ was only about 33
years. His active years, in terms of His public
ministry, were very brief-about three years. So Jesus
didn't have a lot of time to waste on unnecessary
insignificant matters.

The disciples watched very carefully the life of the
Lord Jesus. They saw how Jesus conducted Himself. They
saw t ...

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