by Jerry Vines

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Living by the New Guidelines (3 of 9)
Happy Living
Jerry Vines
Matthew 5:17-48

We recognize these verses in Matthew 5 as the Sermon
on the Mount. I'm going to give you a quick survey of
the verses in the remaining part of that chapter.
Obviously, I won't be dealing with all of the verses,
but I'll just try to give you the main thoughts as we
move along this morning.

A few weeks ago I had a preaching engagement in Tampa,
Florida, at the Idlewild Baptist Church where Ken
Whidden is the pastor. I was to preach down there on a
Monday night. That's kind of along journey, but I
decided I would drive down there and back. I got our
couple's director, Bro. Jim Smyrl, to go with me to
help drive and also to be my guide. To read the map
and get us there to be sure that we wouldn't get lost.

Of course it's almost impossible to get lost on I75.
We took off and were going down I75 and, sure enough,
we got lost. Explain that to me. I don't know exactly
how, but we got lost. The next thing I know we were no
longer traveling on I75 South, but we were traveling
on I75 North, going away from Tampa just as fast as we
possibly could go. It made me think about a lady who
was watching television one evening. They came on
television and said, "There is a man who has gotten
himself going in the wrong direction and he is meeting
ongoing traffic." She thought about her husband and
said, "I better call him on his cell phone and warn
him about this so he doesn't get in trouble." So she
called him on his cell phone and said, "I just want to
warn you that there is a man who is going in the wrong
direction on the highway." He said, "A man! There are
hundreds of them going in the wrong direction!"

If you are not very careful, you will find yourself
going in the wrong direction. You need some new
guidelines. You need somebody who can get you turned
around, right side up, and going in the right
direction aga ...

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