by Jerry Vines

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Light with Salt Please (2 of 9)
Series: Happy Living
Jerry Vines
Matthew 5:13-16

The Lord Jesus Christ begins by telling us that if you want to have a happy life you have to have a converted life. In the beatitudes he shows us just exactly how a person enters in and becomes a child of God's kingdom and thereby has the ingredients and the possibility to be a positive influence in this world.

This is the greatest sermon that was ever preached by the greatest preacher who ever walked. When Jesus was on the earth the Bible says that Jesus came teaching and preaching and healing. No one ever preached like the Lord Jesus Christ did.

One of the things that made Jesus such a great preacher was His use of illustrations. Jesus could take common, ordinary things and use them as illustrations or as pictures. Illustrations are like windows. They let the light of truth into the mind. Illustrations are like tacks. They drive down the truth in our mind.

So the Lord Jesus Christ, talking about the influence of a Christian life, uses two beautiful illustrations. On the one hand, He uses the illustration of salt. On the other hand, He uses the illustration of light.

In the beatitudes He has talked with us a little bit about character-what we are. Now, in these two illustrations He is going to talk to us about conduct- how we are to live or behave-our influence.

He draws a contrast in these two beautiful illustrations. He says on the one hand, you. Then, the other hand, the earth. He says in verse 14, ''You.'' Then He says, ''The world.'' He is drawing a contrast between two lifestyles-two different cultures.

In this world there are two lifestyles. There is the lifestyle of the saved and there is the lifestyle of the lost. The Bible says that we are to be different from the world and we are to be separate from the world. Along the way, some Christians have misunderstood what Bible separation is all about. Some people think that Bible separation means that you ...

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