by Jerry Vines

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Recipe For Happy Living (1 of 9)
Happy Living
Jerry Vines
Matthew 5:1-12

A number of years ago the magazine, "Psychology
Today," sent out a questionnaire asking two questions-
what is happiness and how do you obtain happiness? The
results of the questionnaire were rather interesting
and informative. They discovered, as a result of what
people sent back to them, that happiness is not
dependent upon prosperity. They found out that what
people have or do not have, whether they were rich or
poor, were not the major items in whether or not a
person was happy. They found out that if you were
prosperous, you might be a little more comfortable in
your misery, but that's not what makes a person happy.

You and I know that because the Lord tells us that
through the words of the Apostle Paul in I Timothy
5:9ff. "But they that will be rich fall into
temptation and a snare and unto many foolish and
hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction and
perdition. For the love of money is the root of all
evil, which while some coveted after they have erred
from the faith and pierced themselves through with
many sorrows."

They found out that prosperity is not what makes a
person happy.

Another thing they found out is that pleasure does not
make a person happy either. Though people might do a
lot of things to entertain themselves and to feel good
-those were not the things that made them happy. The
use of alcohol. The going to ball games. All of these
kinds of things, though it could bring some temporary
relief from the suffering of the pain they might be
enduring, pleasure in and of itself could not make a
person happy.

We know that to be true because we know what the Bible
says. We are told in the Old Testament about the
experience of king Solomon who sought to find
happiness in pleasure. He gave himself to all kinds of
wild parties. If you had gone by the palace of Solomon
on a given night, y ...

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