by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Exodus 26:31-33

We are continuing our study and movement through the
Old Testament Tabernacle. When the children of Israel
were going through the wilderness on their way to the
Promised Land, it was this building where they
gathered for their worship. I have said to you that
this Old Testament Tabernacle is a beautiful picture
of the Lord Jesus Christ and it is also a picture of
God's way of salvation. I had intended to just make a
passing reference to our subject this evening, but
truthfully the more I studied it, the more truth I
found which I feel like will be helpful for us and
will be a blessing to us.

In the Tabernacle proper, this gold overlaid building,
there were two rooms. We learn in verse 33 that one
of those rooms is known as the holy place. That's the
first room. In that holy place there is a golden
candlestick, a golden table where the shewbread was
placed, and there is a golden altar of incense.

There's a second room which is known, in verse 33, as
the most holy. In other places it is referred to as
the holy of holies. We will be entering the holy of
holies shortly. It is a perfectly cubed-shaped room,
14' wide, 14' long, 14' high. This holy of holies is
a symbol of the very presence of God. you may
remember when Isaiah had that vision of the Lord in
his holiness, in his temple, when Isaiah saw it he
heard the seraphim singing, "Holy, holy, holy is the
Lord God almighty. The perfect three-fold holiness of

Interestingly enough when you go to the last book of
the Bible, the book of the Revelation, in the 21st
chapter we are told about the New Jerusalem. We are
told that the New Jerusalem is 1500 miles long, 1500
miles wide, and 1500 miles talk. A perfect cube.

So the holy of holies, the most holy place, is a
symbol of the very presence of God, the throne of God.
In fact, God said to Moses, "Mo ...

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