by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Exodus 30:1-10, 34-38

This article of furniture for tonight is an
interesting one. It's the altar of incense. They
carried all these pieces of furniture through the
wilderness. Wherever they went, they carried this
portable place of worship. This incense altar was to
be right in front of the veil, by the ark of the
testimony, before the mercy seat.

We are studying this Tabernacle that was used as the
place of worship for God's people in the Old Testament
during their wilderness wanderings. We have seen that
this Tabernacle is an Old Testament picture. There are
beautiful pictures in the Bible. In the Old Testament
there are beautiful pictures of New Testament truths.
This tabernacle is a beautiful picture of the ABCs of
salvation. How a person comes to know God—how you meet
God. It is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. We
know that you meet God in the person of the Lord Jesus
Christ. So all of these articles of furniture point
to the Lord Jesus Christ and also they point to some
aspect of salvation.

We have already come into the entrance. We gave come
into the outer court. The first article of furniture
we saw there was this brass altar where the
sacrificial animals were laid and consumed with fire.
That was a picture to us of the substitutionary death
of Jesus on the cross. Those animals pointed toward
what Jesus would do on the cross when He became our

The second article of furniture was that little
washbasin. It's called the laver. That's where we
get the word lavatory where you wash your hands. That
is a picture to us of the importance of cleansing our
daily lives—staying clean before the Lord. As we read
God's Word we wash our lives in the water of the Word
of God. After the priest had washed himself there, he
would go into this Tabernacle proper. We've already
gone in there. There was an entran ...

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