by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Exodus 25:31-40

We are pursuing our study together on Wednesday nights
of the Old Testament Tabernacle in the wilderness.
This is where God's people worshipped during their
wilderness wanderings until they went into the
Promised Land and there was a more permanent building—
the temple. In my own personal Bible readings in the
mornings, I have been reading about Solomon's temple I
have noticed many interesting comparisons between the
temple which was more permanent dwelling and this
Tabernacle. There is a model of the Tabernacle right
down front here and you will notice there is an outer
court which has a white linen fence around it. It has
brace pillars. It has a gate at the entrance. On the
outside you will see a brass altar where the
sacrificial animals were laid. This, of course,
represented a sacrifice being made for the sins of the
people. The only way sinful people such as you and I
can come into the presence of God is on the basis of
sins being paid for by the sacrifice of another.

The second article of furniture in the outer court is
a brass laver, or a washbasin. This is where the
priests would come and they would wash their hands and
feet. Because when they went into worship the Lord
and do service for the Lord, they had to be clean.
The Bible says be ye clean that bear the vessels of
the Lord. Then the building itself is known as the
Tabernacle proper. Notice that it is a building made
out of boards. These boards are overlaid with gold.
There are covers on the top of the Tabernacle—four of
them. We have discussed them and each of them have
symbolic meaning. There is also a gate or an entrance
which we have removed so we can show what's inside a
little bit better for you.

The first section of the Tabernacle proper is known as
the holy place. Still covered up is what is known as
the holy of holies—a perfect ...

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