by Stephen Whitney

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Caring Minister (3 of 10)
Series: Authentic Faith
Stephen Whitney
I Thessalonians 2:7-12

Everyone has their own expectations of who a pastor should be and how he should minister to the needs of the people in the church.

After hundreds of years, a model preacher has been found to suit everyone. He preaches exactly twenty minutes and then sits down. He condemns sin, but never hurts anyone's feelings. He works from 8 am to 10 pm in every type of work from preaching to counseling to visiting to custodial service.

He is twenty-six years old and has been preaching for thirty years. He is tall and short, thin and heavyset, and handsome. He has one brown eye and one blue, hair parted down the middle, left side dark and straight, the right brown and wavy.

He has a burning desire to work with teenagers and spends all his time with older folks. He smiles all the time with a straight face because he has a sense of humor that keeps him seriously dedicated to his work. He makes fifteen calls a day on churchmembers, spends all his time evangelizing the unchurched, and is never out of the office.

How should a pastor minister to people or how should you minister and witness to others so they come to trust Christ as their Savior?

Theodore Roosevelt was an explorer, historian, author, soldier, Governor of New York, and the 26th President of the United States. One of his most famous quotes is, ''People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.'' Paul showed people how much he really cared for them.


Gentle :7

Gentle (2x) - Gk. kind and considerate in your actions.

II Timothy 2:24 The servant of the Lord must not strive; but must be gentle with all men, able to teach, patient.

A nursing mother gently, lovingly and patiently cares for her infant child because they are helpless and completely dependent on them.

Taking care (KJB cherisheth) - Gk. to nourish or to warm.

Deut. 22:6 used of a bird sitting o ...

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