by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Exodus 25:23-30

We are now ready to enter into the Tabernacle proper.
Notice this marvelous model that has been prepared for
us down here. We have been in the outer court. There
are three main divisions to the whole Tabernacle
complex. There is what is known as the outer court.
That's the outside area where the linen fence
surrounds it and the gate is at the entrance, where
the altar of the burnt offering is, which is the first
thing you see when you come inside. Then there's that
brass laver, that washbasin. That's the outer court.
That might be called the first division of the

Now, this box-like building you see is what we call
the Tabernacle proper. That is, the Tabernacle
itself. There are two rooms to this Tabernacle. The
innermost room, the furthest back from you, is what is
known as the holy of holies. We'll be in that room in
just a few weeks. The first room, the one you come to
as you enter in through the door is known as the holy
place. You had to be a priest in order to go into
that Tabernacle proper. When you went within that
beautiful fabric door you would find three articles of
furniture in there.

Now, there's only one of them in there tonight. We
will successively add the other articles of furniture.
But as you enter into this Tabernacle you will find
three articles of furniture and you will find quite a
different feel. It's altogether different on the
inside. In this model, the curtains have been folded
back. If you are interested you can read about these
curtains in the 26th chapter. There are 4 of them.
The outer one was the badger skin. The next one to
that was the ram's skin, dyed red. The next one to
that was the goat's hair. Then the one on the inside
was the fine linen that had all of the embroidered
work and the beautiful colors and the cherubim and
these kinds of ...

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