by Jerry Vines

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SCRUB UP (3 of 9)
Jerry Vines
Exodus 30:17-21

We are looking at Tabernacle truths. This was where
the Jewish people, the children of Israel, worshipped
in the wilderness in the Old Testament. Later on they
had a permanent building. It was known as the temple.
This is known as the Tabernacle. The tribes of the
children of Israel, by tribes, gathered around in
their tents around this Tabernacle. We are looking at
this because this Old Testament Tabernacle is a
picture book and it gives to us the ABCs of salvation.
It is a beautiful picture of our Lord Jesus Christ.
the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled virtually e very
detail of this Old Testament Tabernacle. It is also a
beautiful picture of the Christian life.

Many, many applications about the daily Christian life
are going to be drawn in our study from this

After having gone to the burnt altar and laying upon
that altar a substitutionary animal, we move from that
altar to, I think, the most unique piece of furniture
in the entire Tabernacle. It is known in the
Scripture I have read to you as the brass laver.
That's not a familiar word with us, but we do have an
English word that we get from that—the word lavatory.
You go into the bathroom and you wash you hands in a
lavatory. The Hebrew word means "something round."
It is a reference to a kind of washbasin sitting on a
stand. Water was placed on the inside. The Jewish
Rabbis had different theories about how that washbasin
looked. As we shall see, there is mystery when it
comes to this brass washbasin and how it looked. Some
of the Rabbis said it was on a stand, a big washtub of
an affair, with two spigots. One spigot was where the
water came out to wash your hands. The other was
where the water came out to wash your feet. Other
Rabbis said that there were two basins. There was an
upper basin for your hands. There was a lower basin

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