by Zach Terry

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Five Stones of Courage (12)
Series: Storyline
Zach Terry
I Samuel 17

Introduction: Historically - the chief virtue taught by ancient educators was courage. It was one of the primary objectives of education. In our modern system you don't hear a lot about it, perhaps it's because we don't think we face it the way they did. They may face a lion on the streets... they may die because of the cold of winter... what about the plague... we don't live in that world anymore.

I have found that our fears are different, but they are just as real. But it's a deeper more persistent fear -

- I grew up during the cold war - It was like living life with an invisible gun held to your head and some Russian's finger on the trigger.

- Today it's terrorism - We live with the persistent possibility of what could go wrong.

- Then there are things like Layoffs. Some of you lay awake at night gripped with fear over what your employer might do.

- Doctor's Reports. Mom and Dad how many of you watch your kid like a hawk and analyze every twitch in his eye. How many of you have lost a night's sleep because of something you read on the internet?

- The Unknown - Some of you are gripped with fear because of what your spouse might be doing. You have no evidence, you have no reason to doubt... but you do.

- Opinions - Some of you live your life afraid of what others might think.

Today's sermon is all about finding the courage to overcome fear. It's from the classic text of David and Goliath.

But, if there was ever a text of scripture that has been misinterpreted, misapplied, misunderstood - it is this famous passage. This is the text that the coach pulls out when the little league team is about to play the champs. The kids who drive to the game, with peach fuzz all over their face. That's when we talk about David and Goliath.

Well I'm going to show you how to use it correctly...

COVENANT - God made a covenant with Abraham - To give him a land AND to ...

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