by Zach Terry

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Three Principles of Providence (11)
Series: Storyline
Zach Terry
Ruth 1-4

Context: We are in a series called, ''Storyline'' that is tracking the unfolding story of God from creation to culmination through the 66 books of the bible. The purpose is to recognize that to rightly understand any story you have to see how and where it fits into the META-NARRATIVE of all of scripture. THEN, to recognize how you are a part of that story.

Hopefully, you are beginning to see how the NT is completely interconnected with the OT. I heard one guy describe it like Velcro - there are hundreds of little connections that cause the two units to hold together.

The last time we were together we saw that Joshua had successfully led the descendants of Abraham into the land God has promised to them. They had taken possession of the land.

This begins what is known as THE PERIOD OF THE JUDGES. The period of the Judges covers over 400 years of Israelite History. It takes place about 1,000 year before Jesus was born, so this was around 3,000 years ago from our current time period. ...

While it's only one book - we must remember it covers more time than out Nation has been in existence. Over this 400-year time span we see a cycle developing.

1. The people humbly walking with God, God's showing them His favor and blessing.

2. The people getting comfortable and drifting away from God.

3. The enemies of the people attacking and plundering.

4. God raising up a Judge to deliver them. Now OT Judges aren't like the guy who wears a black robe and serves the court - they are more like supernaturally empowered warriors.

The final Judge in the book is SAMSON. Samson is the PROTO-TYPICAL AMERICAN MALE - he's ridiculously strong. If I were casting a movie for Samson, I'd get someone like Dewayne Johnson ''the Rock'' (or Maui from Moana) to play the part. He's just muscles on top of muscles. Samson is this amazing, supernaturally strong warrior. He was probably tan ...

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