by Zach Terry

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Biblical Keys to Success (10)
Series: Storyline
Zach Terry
Joshua 1:1-9

Context: We are in a series we are calling, ''Storyline'' which is following our Chronological reading of the bible in one year. Let's recap the story so far.

1. CREATION - God CREATED man and placed him in paradise, he gave him Dominion, and there was only one law, don't eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

2. FALL - Man rebelled against God and was cast out of the Garden and ultimately suffers physical and eternal death. But God promised that the Seed of The Woman would one day crush the serpent setting right everything that went wrong in Eden. They are sent EAST OF EDEN.

3. ABRAHAM - The next mention of the seed came through a man named Abraham. God said through his family this SEED would come. God makes a COVENANT with Abraham.

4. Four generations later the descendants of Abraham number in the 100's of thousands and they are ethnically enslaved in Egypt until God delivers them through Moses.

5. Over the next 40 years they wander in the wilderness, receive God's law, and organize into their various tribes.

6. Now they are encamped East of the Jordan about to enter the land promised... NOTE the direction they are moving WESTWARD back to God.

Joshua begins with the death of Moses and the mantel of leadership transferring to a man named Joshua. Incidentally - Joshua is the OT equivalent to the NT name Jesus.

Under Joshua's leadership, Israel would lay claim to all that was promised to them in God's Covenant.

[Parenthetically, as you read look for Covenant language - you will notice a mass circumcision (remember Moses's sons being circumcized before they went to Egypt?) you will notice in the sin of Achan - it was all about violating the covenant.]

INTRODUCTION: Joshua is one of the most important yet least understood characters of the Old Testament. It is as if he is the Holy Spirit's chosen vessel to communicate principles ...

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