by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Hebrews 8:1-5

The Tabernacle. Made according to the pattern God
showed to Moses in the mount.

I want you to go on an imaginary plane ride with me
tonight. It's a very unusual plane. It not only
travels in distance, but it also travel back in time.
We are going to travel all the way over to the Sinai
Peninsular in the Middle East. We are going back to
the time of Moses. As we fly along we go over Mount
Sinai and as we look at the plains below, we see a
remarkable sight. Spreading before us are tents
everywhere, just as far as you can see. We know that
these are the tents of the children of Israel. They
have recently come out of the land of Egypt. They
passed through the Red Sea. God did a miracle, opened
up the Red Sea and the children of Israel crossed over
on dry ground. They are on their way to the Promised
Land. Well over a million of the children of Israel
are in those tents down below. As we look at those
tents, we notice that they are information, in order.
They seem to be circled around a very interesting
object. Down below us, as we get just a little bit
closer, we see an unusual building. It's 45' long,
15' wide, 15' high. It's covered with a dull, drab
outer covering. There are some other coverings under
there. We'll talk about those at a later time.

There are three basic parts to this remarkable sight
in the wilderness. There is what is known as an outer
court. You see sand. That's the sand of the
wilderness. You see around this court a linen fence.
You see pillars or brass posts with silver chapters on
top. There are actually some articles of furniture in
this outer court which are not here to night.

Each week we will look at these articles of furniture
and we'll add the articles as we go. In this outer
court there is an altar and a washbasin, and other
utensils. Inside this building itsel ...

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