by Jerry Vines

Terror in America
Jerry Vines
2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Tuesday morning started off to be a beautiful, beautiful morning. The sun was shining. There was a soft breeze blowing. In New York and in Washington, just like in Jacksonville and Atlanta, parents were getting their children to school. Workers were getting that next cup of coffee, beginning the activities of the day. In Boston and Newark and Washington, just like in Jacksonville and Dallas, people were boarding planes. Some on business trips. Others trips of pleasure. Barbara Olson, well-known television commentator and lawyer had had breakfast with her husband, Ted, Solicitor General, and was getting ready to go to Los Angeles. A family of four was getting ready for a pleasure trip. They were so excited. They were going to Australia together. Three school children and three of their teachers were on their way to Santa Barbera to attend an ecology conference. Their parents were so proud and so happy for them.

Little did any of them realize that Tuesday, September 11, would be their last day. Little did we realize in America that in a matter of minutes there would be terror in America.

At 7:59 American Flight 11 departed from Boston, scheduled to go to Los Angeles. The plane was hi- jacked. At 8:45 it crashed into the face of the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, 110 stories high. It hit at about 20 stories below the top.

At 8:14 United Flight 175 departed from Boston, bound for Los Angeles. At 9:03 it streaked into the south tower and a ball of fire blew out the other side. The people in the towers knew that something was dreadfully wrong. Cell phones began to be used. People began to desperately trying to get out of the towers. Some made it. Tom Coughlin's son called his dad and told him he was headed down the stairwell to get out and he made it. Many did not make it.

Shortly thereafter the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed into a ten-story pile of dust and d ...

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