by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Psalms 57

It is true for all of us that we are in one of three
circumstances all of the time. We are either coming
out of the storm or we are in a storm or we are headed
into a storm. That's the way life is lived. I have
learned in my Christian life that one of the best
places to go in God's Word in a time of need is to the
book of Psalms. Turn to the 57th psalm. I want to read
a few verses and just talk to you a little bit out of
my heart before we have our prayer time and invite
people to come to know the Lord as their Savior.

I have found along the way, in my Christian life, that
the book of Psalms is indispensable for dealing with
life as it comes. The book of Psalms was the hymnbook
of the Jewish people. We have a Baptist hymnal in our
pews and there should be one within easy reach of you.
When the Jews reached for their hymnbook, they reached
for the book of Psalms. These are songs that were
composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
They deal with all varying circumstances of life.

I had a friend who was a lay preacher up in Macon,
Georgia. He owned several furniture stores. One time
he sent me a bookmarker from his store. On that
bookmarker it said—where to read when. . . Then whatever
experience you were having. When you are sad—then
there would be a reference to Psalms. When you have
lost a loved one—then there would be a reference to

So, the book of Psalms is a book which deals with our
emotions. Whatever emotion you are experiencing at
whatever stage in your life—whatever you are going
through—there is a psalm which will address that
particular need and circumstance. These psalms were
not written in isolation. There were not written as
some people do today who just sit down and say, "I
just think I'll write a song." But they were written
out of life's circumstances. As people were living
life. As the psalmis ...

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