by Jerry Vines

Jacksonville's Most Miserable Person
Jerry Vines
Genesis 13 and 14

Read Second Peter 2:6, 7 and 8

Who do you think is the most miserable person in
Jacksonville? Some might say it is probably the man
who is wrestling with the problem of alcohol and he is
in the misery of his alcohol addiction. I don't think
that's the most miserable person in Jacksonville.

Someone else says it is probably the person who is
addicted by drugs and is in the misery of his drug
addiction. Maybe so, but I don't think that is the
most miserable person in Jacksonville.

I am thinking about another kind of person tonight who
may well be the most miserable person and there is an
example in the Bible of this kind of person which I
want us to consider. I want us to consider a man in
the Bible whose name is Lot. He was a believer and yet
his life became a hell on earth. You have to read
almost all the way through the Bible to even get the
understanding that Lot is a just man. You would
certainly not understand he was a saved man if you
read the record of his life in the book of Genesis.
You have to read almost to the end of the Bible to
find the statements I have read to you, which call him
a just man and also a righteous man. The word,
righteous, is the same word that is used for Abraham
when it says, "Abraham believed God and God declared
him a righteous man." It's a sad thing to so live
that people have to read almost through the whole
Bible to find any evidence or indication that you are
a saved person.

Lot is an illustration of those people who are
believers. They have a saved soul, but they have a
lost life. They are living for time in this world
instead of the next world, eternity. They have union
with the Lord, they have been saved. But they don't
have any communion with the Lord. Lot is the example
of I Peter 3 where it talks about those who are
"saved, yet so as by fire."

The most miserable p ...

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