by Jerry Vines

Life's Greatest Tragedy
Summer Good News Festival '01
Jerry Vines
Luke 16-19

What is life's greatest tragedy? It seems like every
day we encounter tragedies from all parts of the
world. We pick up the newspaper or we watch on
television and we see in Houston, Texas, a mother
kills her own children—five of them. What a great
tragedy that is. Or we hear the reports out of
countries afar off and we read about the terrible
conditions in Sudan and the things that they are going
through there. Certainly we would say that is one of
the great tragedies of life. Or we look to the Middle
East. I want you to come tonight because I will talk
about Jerusalem. The great issue in the Middle East is
the city of Jerusalem. It appears that we are very,
very near to war in the Middle East. And to have a war
in the Middle East would be a great, great tragedy.

Everywhere we turn we read in the newspaper about
life's tragedies. On the television we get the reports
of life's tragedies. Even now on the Internet we can
read about the tragedies that are coming in life. But
what is life's greatest tragedy?

This is what Jesus talks about in the verses of
Scripture I want to share with you this morning. We do
know that Jesus Christ is the master teacher. Nobody
could teach like the Lord Jesus Christ could teach.
That's why people came from everywhere. That's why
they listened to every word that Jesus had to say.
Many of them went away saying, "No man ever spake like
this man." The Bible says that the common people
heard Jesus gladly. What a teacher Jesus was. He had
to have been interesting. I don't think people were
bored when Jesus talked. Jesus talked about things
they were interested in. Jesus talked about the vital
issues of life—things that are really important.

There are some vital issues in life. There are some
basic issues. I guess the three crucial issues of life
are these: the issue of life i ...

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