by Jerry Vines

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King Jesus is Coming (4 of 4)
Series: Zechariah
Jerry Vines
Zechariah 12-14

My purpose has not been to deal with every verse in these Minor Prophet books, but to try to hit the high spots, and the passages that relate in particular to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Zechariah is the prophet to whom the Lord gave a series of visions. In the opening chapters of Zechariah, in one evening, God gave him about eight visions that had to do with what God was planning and God's purpose.

Now, in chapters 12-14, God gives Zechariah two burdens. In verse 1 of chapter 12 begins, ''the burden of the word of the Lord.'' That's the second time that word is used. Back in the 9th chapter it also begins, ''the burden of the word of the Lord.'' This is the second burden that God gave to Zechariah.

There are two main themes in the book of Zechariah which come into play, especially in these concluding chapters. One of the themes is the city of Jerusalem. The Bible has a great deal to say about the city of Jerusalem and these chapters are chapters that zero in on God's purpose and plan for Jerusalem in the future.

I was reading an article out of Washington this week and the commentator was talking about the danger of regional war in the Middle East and in Israel. He pointed out the fact that there is an unrelenting terror campaign going on against the nation of Israel. The article reports that Hamaas, the Islamic terrorist group, is capable of conducting five terrorist attacks per day. You know that very frequently we are hearing about these terrorist attacks.

When I have the opportunity to go to Israel, one of the places I like to go is Ben Yuhudda Street. One of the reasons I like to go there is because they have a fabulous yogurt shop there. When I've been out touring at night, I like to go over there and go to the yogurt shop. There is also a great steak place there.

You may have read that in that particular area, which is kind of the upscale part of the ...

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