by Jerry Vines

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Series: Zechariah
Jerry Vines
Zechariah 9-11

The book of Zechariah is one of the fascinating books in the Bible to me. It is a rather unusual book-a remarkable book-when we remember that God gave to this prophet Zechariah the truths which we read in our Bible, many of which were prophecies that were fulfilled in the first coming of Jesus Christ. And prophecies that will be fulfilled in the second coming of the Lord.

There are three great divisions in the book of Zechariah. The first 6 chapters have to do with a series of night visions, which God gave to him. In fact, there are 8 of them. All of these 8 night visions came on a single night.

Then in chapters 7 and 8 there is a questions raised concerning the fasting days that the children of Israel observe. So you have here a historical interlude dealing with the matters of real religion. Is religion a fast or is religion a feast? Of course, we found out in Zechariah that it is all a matter of the heart. It's what is real in you heart.

Then in chapters 9-14 we come to these verses of Scripture that look especially toward the future. Remembering always that Zechariah was writing hundreds of years before the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another thing we have to remind ourselves of is that the Old Testament prophets, many times when they prophesied about the coming of the Lord, did not make a distinction between the first coming and the second coming of our Lord. Sometimes they saw the two events as one. One of the reasons this is true is because the Bible says in the New Testament that it was not revealed unto them to see the age of the church-the age in which you and I live right now. We are living in the church age. We are living in the age of grace. That period of time, indefinite in duration between the first coming of our Lord and the second coming of our Lord.

The Bible says in the New Testament that the church was a mystery in the heart of God that was revea ...

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