by Jerry Vines

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Is Your Faith Fast or Feast? (2 of 4)
Jerry Vines
Zechariah 7-8

As we have moved through these Minor Prophets, I have
found them to be absolutely dynamite. There is some
real strong stuff. We are going to go right on
through Zechariah for a couple of more messages. Then,
we'll study the book of Malachi. That will complete
our study through the Minor Prophets.

I think it would be helpful for us to locate ourselves
in this book of Zechariah. Zechariah is a man to whom
God gave a series of visions. In the opening 5
chapters, God revealed in visions in one single night,
a series of visions which describe God's plan and
God's purpose for the children of Israel.

There are two words that give you the key of what
Zechariah is all about. It is the word, Jerusalem,
which is used many times. It is the name, Jesus, which
is not given in the book, but it is a book that has a
great deal to do with the Lord Jesus and many
wonderful prophecies about the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you get to chapters 9-14 you will find a
wonderful prophecy about the coming of the king—King
Jesus. It also tells about His second coming.

But between those opening visions of the first five
chapters and then those closing visions or closing
prophecies in chapters 9-14, you have these two
chapters, which form a historical interlude between
the two. Two years have passed since Zechariah
received those marvelous visions. During that two
years the temple has been rebuilt. The city of
Jerusalem has been restored. People have returned to
the city of Jerusalem. So a delegation from the exile
comes to Jerusalem. We are told in verse 2 about this
delegation. Their names are given here and they come
for two purposes. Their first purpose is in verse 2.
It is to pray before the Lord. Their second purpose is
in verse 3. They have a question they want to pose to
the religious leader of that day. They want to ask the

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