by Jerry Vines

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Visions in the Night (1 of 4)
Jerry Vines
Zechariah 1-6

I want to read a few verses in the opening chapter of Zechariah. We are going to slow it down for a little bit. You won't think so in this particular message, but I want to bring four messages in the book of Zechariah. Tonight we are going to group together the first 6 chapters. Obviously I won't deal with every verse, but I'll try to give you the substance and the main message of these particular chapters of this unusual, out-of-the ordinary, amazing book of Zechariah.

We come now to a very interesting book in your Bible in the Old Testament. It is the book of Zechariah. It is one of the 12 which have the category of the Minor Prophets. It is the longest of all of the Minor Prophets. It is 14 chapters in length. Zechariah was a prophet whose name meant, "the Lord remembers." He is a very unusual prophet and he is different from one of his contemporaries, Haggai.

We studied about Haggai and saw that he was the more practical of the prophets. He was the one who challenged the people to arouse themselves and continue to build and complete the work of the building of the temple.

He was a practical prophet. On the other hand, Zechariah is more visionary. Haggai gave a series of messages encouraging them to continue the work. Zechariah gives a series of visions and those visions are casting for them the future to encourage them that God has a plan and a purpose for them in the future. So, we have a remarkable series of visions by Zechariah. And a remarkable revelation that God gave to a man hundreds of years before the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, about the Lord Jesus Himself.

As you read these verses you will find predictions about the future. For instance, you will find mentioned in these chapters the coming of Alexander the Great and his Greek army. We will also read a prediction here about the coming of the Roman Empire and the invasion. We'll read about some of the nations of the world t ...

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