by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Psalm 73

Is it worth it to be a question? That's the question I
want to try, with God's help, to answer for you this

Psalm 73 is the account of a struggle going on in the
heart of a child of God. He begins the psalm quite
well, with two big affirmations. In verse 1 he says,
"God is. . ." He says there is a God who exists. His
second affirmation is, "God is good." Not only does
God exist, but God is a good God. Then, as he begins
to wrestle and struggle with some of the seeming
contradictions of life, he almost loses it. In fact,
he tells us in verse 2 that his feet were almost gone,
that he almost had slipped. His faith was shaken and
he nearly lost it.

As you read down through this chapter you discover
why. He begins with two big affirmations, but he
struggles with two big questions. They are the same
questions that people struggle with today. "Why do bad
things happen to good people?" On the flip side of
that is, "Why do good things happen to bad people?" He
wrestles and struggles with these two questions as you
move down through the chapter.

He struggles with the matter of the prosperity of the
wicked. Notice how he describes them in verse 4. "For
there are no bands in their death: but their strength
is firm." He is saying they don't experience terror
when it comes to dying. In verse 5 he says, "They are
not in trouble as other men." They don't experience
the troubles of life. He looks at the wicked and he
sees how they are prospering.

In verse 7 he says, "Their eyes stand out with
fatness. . ." the Living Bible paraphrases it, "These fat
cats have everything their hearts could ever wish
for." Does it ever bother you to see how the ungodly
do so well? They seem to get the best jobs. They seem
to build the biggest houses. They seem to have the
largest bank accounts. Their children seem to do quite
well and are successful. It ...

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