by Jerry Vines

Do You Have a Hiding Place?
Jerry Vines
Zephaniah 1-3

I wouldn't dare preach these messages in 90% of the churches in America. I'm confident in preaching here because I'm preaching to folks who love God's Word and want to hear what God has to say in His Word. The thing that has been so interesting to me, as we have been looking at these Old Testament books of the Minor Prophets, is how many comments I have received from our high-schoolers and our young people. It's so amazing to me. They say young people won't listen to ''stuff'' like that today. But they will. They want to hear the truth. I'm excited to have the opportunity to preach again and tonight from the book of Zephaniah. The message I'm calling this evening, Do You Have a Hiding Place? Everybody needs a hiding place. Do you have a hiding place? Let's think about it tonight.

There are twelve books in the Old Testament, which we call the Minor Prophets. Those twelve prophets are organized into two groups. Nine of those prophets preached before the captivity when God's people were carried away into bondage. Three of those prophets spoke after the captivity. Zephaniah is the ninth of these nine who preached before the captivity came about. Zephaniah seemed to summarize what all the previous prophets have had to say. He is speaking now right on the very edge of captivity when the judgment of God is fast approaching.
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