by Jerry Vines

Snapshots of America
Jerry Vines
Psalm 126

Patriotic Message
Throughout the year, in America, we celebrate a variety of holidays. We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas which are spiritual and religious in nature. We also celebrate some that are patriotic in nature. Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Memorial Day. This coming Wednesday we will celebrate Independence Day.

As you look at these various holidays, there are certain snapshots which come into your mind which depict the meaning of those days. I think about Thanksgiving. You see the pictures of a family gathered around a table loaded with food. You see a family holding their hands as they pray and thank God for His bountiful blessings upon them.

Then there are the snapshots of Christmas. We see the Christmas trees and the glittering lights. We see little boys and girls with bright eyes as they open up their gifts. Then we see someone opening up the Bible and reading the story of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the meaning and the purpose of the cradle. These are beautiful snapshots of our spiritual holidays.

We think about our patriotic holidays and the snapshots that fit into that. On Memorial Day I think of pictures of soldiers in uniform. I think of battlefields where men have given their lives to preserve the liberties that we enjoy.

We come to Independence Day and the snapshots there are very vivid. They are pictures of flags and fireworks and people gathering to celebrate and rejoice in the liberties which God has given to us as a nation.

All of these holidays and the snapshots that fit them!

When you study the life of the children of God, the Jews in the Old Testament, you will discover that they had their holidays as well. They had their times of celebration. Many times in the year they would make their way to Jerusalem to celebrate these holidays. When you notice it says ''a Song of Degrees'' it is commonly believed that these were a series of psalms that were s ...

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