by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Malachi 3:1-15

The Bible teaches the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Bible tells us that one day the Lord Jesus Christ,
who came the first time, will come the second time.
The truth of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is
not just a doctrine for our heads; it is also a matter
of something that has to do with our hearts. It is a
discipline for our hearts. It is a call to purity of
life. It is a call to be faithful in our witness unto
the Lord. Jesus Christ is going to come again and the
Bible says that we need to be ready when He returns.

In these verse we are going to study tonight, we have
the subject of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. In
the midst of it, we have a call for God's people to
return. The focal passage in this section is the 7th
verse where the Lord says, "Return unto me and I will
return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts." God is
calling His people in the Old Testament day and now He
is calling in our day for us to return unto Him.

The passage of Scripture here really has to do with—if
we will repent and return to the Lord, He will come
back to us in blessing. But I do not think I do
violence to the text if I say that it also expands to
the truth that if we will return to the Lord, we need
to do that before the Lord Jesus Christ returns.
Wouldn't it be an awful thing for Jesus to return and
us not to be what we ought to be? Wouldn't it be a
terrible thing if Jesus Christ should return and find
those of us who know Him as personal Savior, not
living a life of obedience and doing the things that
He wants us to do? These verses have to do with that
particular subject.

In the opening 6 verses of the chapter I want to call
your attention to what I'm calling—

I. The Coming of the Lord.

In these verses he lays before us the coming again of
the Lord Jesus Christ. There is one thing you have to
rememb ...

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