by Jerry Vines

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Special Lessons for Spiritual Leaders (2 of 4)
Series: Malachi
Jerry Vines
Malachi 2:1-17

The Bible places a premium upon spiritual leadership. It gives very high standards for those who are in places of leadership. Our church feels it is very important that leaders have high standards. We have high standards for our deacons. We have high standards for those who work in our Bible fellowship classes and various areas of our Sunday School. We expect those who work with our young people to live up to high standards. It is important for the people. If the leaders do not lead the way they ought to lead, it has a detrimental affect upon the people. Bad leadership results in bad followship. So, here is a chapter that is devoted to those of you who are leaders. You may be just a young person, but you are a care group leader. You are a leader in some capacity in the choir. You may be a single and you work in an area of leadership in the Singles Ministry. Wherever you serve in a place of leadership this chapter is for you.

This is a chapter that has to do with leadership, but it also has to do with the subject of stewardship. What in the world does leadership have to do with stewardship? Normally, when we think about stewardship we think in terms of money. That is involved in the matter of stewardship, but there is more to it than that. Stewardship means trusteeship. The Bible says that we are to be stewards of everything that God has given to us, not only our money, but also our time and talent. If you are a leader in any capacity, you have a stewardship of spiritual influence. It is very important that you take seriously the responsibility which God has given to you because you have a place of influence. You have a stewardship of leadership.

I want to just squeeze out the essence of these 17 verses of chapter 2 of Malachi. Malachi gives us a series of problems. I want to draw from them and make some applications for you tonight.

In the opening nine verses of ...

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