OH, REALLY? (1 OF 4)

by Jerry Vines

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Oh, Really? (1 of 4)
Jerry Vines
Malachi 1:1-14

Malachi is the final book in the Old Testament.
Malachi has the last say in the Old Testament times.
Malachi is kind of a transitional book. Between
Malachi and the Old Testament we move into the New
Testament. It is Malachi, the prophet of the Lord, who
is used by the Lord to make a transition from the Old
Testament time to the New Testament time. Malachi's
name means "my messenger." He seems to hide himself
behind the message as he delivers the word that God
has to the people in this particular day. After the
voice of Malachi goes silent, there are about 400
silent years between the Old Testament and the New
Testament. The voice of prophecy is not heard again
until a man named John the Baptist, standing on the
banks of the River Jordan says, "Prepare ye the way of
the Lord." When the Lord Jesus comes he says, "Behold
the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world."

Malachi was a prophet of God who prophesied in the
last days before the first coming of the Lord Jesus
Christ. You and I are living in the last days before
the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are striking parallels between Malachi's day and
our day. In a day when people were to be ready and
prepared for the first coming of the Lord, instead of
expectancy there was great complacency and
indifference. There is striking similarity between
Malachi's day and our day.

We are living in the days before the coming of the
Lord Jesus. We don't know how long it is going to be.
But we do know that we should be ready for the coming
of the Lord and should prepare our hearts for His
coming. Yet, around us we see conditions very similar
to the day of Malachi.

Socially, it was a time when adultery was rampant.
Divorce was very common. Children were being treated
with a great deal of abuse. It was a time of crass

Morally, it was a time when ...

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