by Jerry Vines

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What Means This Chest? (3 of 3)
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 24:4-12

This is the 5th Sunday of the month of September and it
is the climax of our emphasis on stewardship here in
our church, in particular stewardship, as it has to do
with the giving of our money. For a month in our Bible
fellowship classes and in the messages I have been
bringing from the pulpit, we have been talking about
the matter of giving.

I heard about a member complaining to his pastor, "All
this talk about giving is going to kill our church."

To which the pastor replied, "Take me to a church that
died by giving and I'll leap on its grave and shout to
high heaven, 'blessed are the dead which die in the

You are not going to kill a church by talking about
giving because a church is really all about giving.

Next Sunday morning we will come to the climax of all
of this emphasis on giving in what we call in our
church here, the Chest of Joash Day. You see this
chest before me this morning, which is a replica. I'll
be talking about it in just a moment. Next Sunday it
will be down in front here so the folks in this area
can come down and make their gifts.

All over this building there will be replicas of this
chest and we will have what we call our Chest of Joash
Day. For those of you who are members of long standing
in our fellowship, this is not anything new to you.
There are some of you, as long as you can remember,
you have been seeing this Chest of Joash one time
every year. If your memories are good, you may
remember when your mom and daddy brought you by as a
child. Now, you'll be coming next Sunday morning with
your children and they'll be coming by. This chest has
long been a part of your life and a part of your
church. But there are others of you who are relative
new members of our church. Some of you have been saved
in the past year, moved your letter into our
fellowship in the pa ...

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