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Jonah Under The Gourd (4 of 4)
Jerry Vines
Jonah 4

We are looking at the concluding chapter in the book
of Jonah. We are speaking on the subject, Jonah Under
The Gourd. We have seen Jonah on the ship. We have
seen Jonah in the fish. We have seen Jonah go to the
city, and now we are going to see Jonah under the

In the 1700s America experienced a revival which came
to be known as the Great Awakening. One of the great
preachers of that revival was a man named Jonathan
Edwards. He later became the president of Princeton
University. He is considered by many to be the
greatest theologian America ever produced. In 1741,
in Enfield, Connecticut, Jonathan Edwards stood to
preach a sermon from Deuteronomy 32:35 where it says,
"Their foot shall slid in due time." He titled his
message, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." It
was an awesome sermon. Jonathan Edwards had poor
eyesight; he also read his sermons. As he read the
sermon, he kept the manuscript so close to him that
the people couldn't even see his face as he preached.
But as he began to preach the sermon, a great spirit
of conviction began to move upon the congregation.
People began to cry out in their pews for mercy.
Others feared that they were sliding into hell so they
grabbed hold of the pillars of the building. After
the sermon was delivered that day, people went home.
They say that in the night, from house to house, you
could hear the cries of men and women, boys and girls,
crying out to God for mercy. It may have been the most
terrible sermon ever preached. "Sinners in the hands
of an angry God."

In the 3rd chapter of the book of Jonah, Jonah preaches
a very similar sermon in its impact and affect to the
city of Nineveh. It was not a long sermon. In fact, we
see in the King James Version that it is 8 verses. In
the Hebrew text, it's 5 verses. His message was this.
"Yet, 40 days and Nineveh shal ...

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