by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Jonah 3

In the first chapter we saw Jonah on the ship. In the
second chapter we saw Jonah in the fish. In this
message we are going to see Jonah to the city. We see
Jonah going to preach God's message to the city of

Look at chapter 3 and let me just read the first 4
verses. Jonah picks himself from the seashore. The
stench is so bad he can hardly stand himself. he pulls
the seaweed from around his neck. He washes the slime
off his body. He looks into the mirror and he's
horrified by what he sees. The hair on his head and
on his eyebrows is gone. His hands and his face are
bleached white by the fish's gastric juices. Jonah ran
from the Lord, disobeyed the Lord, and he found out
that when you run from the Lord you get yourself in a
whale of a mess.

The sin of disobedience will always get you in a mess.
God will forgive you when you sin and He will take you
back when you return, but it is true that still the
scars of those sins will still remain with us. It will
make an old person out of you before your time when
you wander away from the Lord. You go out into a life
of sin and it will take its toll upon your life.
Jonah learned that you cannot successfully run from
the Lord.

In the first chapter we see Jonah running FROM the
Lord. in the second chapter we see Jonah running To
the Lord. now, in the third chapter we are going to
see Jonah running FOR the Lord.

I have read these opening four verses which give to


Jonah has been duly chastised by the Lord and now he
is ready to do the will of the Lord.

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many times
you and I are so reluctant to do the will of the Lord?
Why is it the Lord has to work so much on us to get us
to do what really is the very best thing for our

It kind of reminds me of a faithful mother who is
trying to get her chil ...

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